Future vision in historic surroundings

In 1902, sculptor August Volz entrusted twelve atlas statues to hold the sky of Riga and Carl Johan Felsko's designed building on their shoulders. Located in the most prestigious area of Riga, amid the quiet center and the urban heart of the city, Skyhold Residence is a place for everyone who wants to create a home in a reliable and sophisticated environment.

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Skyhold Residence has a private courtyard, the building is equipped with three elevators, bicycle storage, and storage spaces. The ground and first floor are dedicated to modern offices. The renovation of the building was carried out using resilient, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. The apartments are equipped with all the necessary communications and they are offered without finishing, giving everyone the opportunity to fulfill their own individual vision of a perfect home.


Skyhold Residence renovation works have been carried out by an experienced team of professionals, respecting the historical and cultural heritage of the building. Original decors have been preserved and complemented with contemporary design elements, and functionality.


Location in the elite district of Riga and the quality of execution makes purchasing an apartment in Skyhold Residence a valuable investment. The cultural and historical significance of the district has enduringly attracted local and foreign capital for years, guaranteeing that the value of your apartment will only increase over time.

78 apartments with an area of 37-107 sq.m. are available. The apartments come without finishing, allowing everyone to create a personalized home according to individual standards, in cooperation with reliable professionals. 

9 rooms on the ground floor are available for modern offices spaces. 


  • Renovated facade, well-maintained private courtyard

  • New plumbing, heating and electric supply systems

  • Eloborated interior design of the common areas

  • Video surveillance

  • Private bicycle storage and personal storage rooms  


  • Without finishing* with installed water, sewer, heating, electricity, internet, and low-voltage power connection points

  • Fireproof outside doors and smoke detectors

  • Extra sound isolating triple-glazed wooden windows

  • Prepared project-proposal for apartment planning

*The interior works of the apartment according to preliminary arranged specification and costs estimates are carried out by SIA”SIGMA buve” or by the buyer's chosen builder.